Why Hand Analysis?

“Who do you think you are?”

That was a question my parents threw at me as a child, when my imagination was soaring with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, a writer, an actor. They were children of the Depression; they wanted to bring me down to earth, to keep me safe and secure in a non-competitive job that came with a regular paycheck.

But that question, “Who do you think you are?” dogged me for five plus decades. I took a number of courses and spent a fair amount of that regular paycheck trying to find the answer—to know who I am, and why I am here. And I still felt uncertain, because those programs depended on my ability to discern for myself what an inner voice was telling me. Too, they seemed to have their foundation in my likes, skills and aptitudes.

Then I discovered hand analysis. This science-based tool, using my own unique fingerprints, provided an objective way to determine my life purpose. That purpose, Love and Connection, was at first a disappointment to me, since I was really hoping for the Artist! But after taking a hard look, connection with others is really what I am all about after all—art is simply one vehicle that allows me to make those connections.

Hand analysis provides a mirror for me, reflecting and identifying who I am at my core, and seeing where my most fulfilling life lies. It has also supported me in dealing with my ‘life lesson’ and ‘life school’—the specific challenges I have encountered in the past, and will continue to encounter in the future, because dealing with them is what allows me to become the person who is capable of living my life purpose.

Would you like an objective way of seeing who you came into this world to be, what challenges you can expect as you walk that path, and what gifts you are meant to share with the world?

Clients generally have three reactions to a hand analysis session. For some, it is a major ‘aha’—seeing something they haven’t really considered before. For others, it provides the push to face parts of themselves they haven’t wanted to visit, but which they acknowledge need to be confronted in order for them to grow. For many, though, it is a validation of what they already know in their hearts. Once it’s spoken out loud, once they are reassured that their suspicions are correct, they have the courage to pursue their purpose in the world.

What I have learned through hand analysis is one of the greatest gifts of my life. Going from questioning, querying and uncertainty to a solid understanding of why I am here has given me a deep sense of peace and purpose. And part of that purpose is to share this gift with anyone who feels drawn to receive it.

Who do you think you are?