My Great Big Why

My Great Big Why

My business coach gave me an assignment: figure out my Great Big Why—my why of Blue Question Markhaving a business—and write a blog post about it.

So, after hours of reflection and journaling, here’s a summary of my discoveries.

I have a whole raft of reasons. Stretching, growing, learning, connecting, creating, illuminating, inspiring, being inspired, variety, flexibility, sharing, building community, using my gifts. Essentially, living my own life purpose, confronting my own life lesson, and navigating my own life school. (You can learn more about life purpose, lesson and school here.)

Having a business is the only way I can think of to connect with the people who are ‘my tribe’—people who are interested in meaningful work, who are passionate about what they do, and who are willing to share experiences. My business means setting goals, facing challenges, and being vulnerable enough to ‘put myself out there’ (which is scary indeed) so people can find me.

Why is this worth it? Because it brings me into contact with the people who are seeking what I have to offer. Decoding someone’s Life Purpose, then sharing tools that enable him or her to live it fully and joyfully, creates a ripple effect. That ripple has a profound impact on people I’ll never even know.

And that ripple is my Great Big Why.

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  1. Kiala Givehand

    Well said, Donna. The ripple effect — that’s an awesome Great Big Why. Fun to see you lay it out here. Can’t wait to read more about what you do to create that ripple effect for people in your tribe.


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