Soul Psychology Introduction — Life School

This option provides an insightful 15-20 minute introduction to the Life School aspect of your Soul Psychology. (Your Soul Psychology is the plan for your life, stamped on your fingerprints before you were born.) Your Life School, which is the filter through which you view your life—the ‘water in which you are swimming’— is identified in your fingerprints.

Your Life School provides immediate insight into the origins of your basic habit patterns. You will see precisely where to focus your energy to balance the extremes and learn the lessons your Life School is designed to teach you.

Soul Psychology Introduction:  $30.00


Soul Psychology Session:

This option, which consists of a one-hour consultation and personalized handouts, provides a comprehensive exploration of your entire Soul Psychology—your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School. Your Soul Psychology is based on your fingerprints, and is lifelong and unchanging.

Your Life Purpose reveals the person you came here to be. This knowledge allows you to envision and pursue the life that fulfills you. When you take your first steps in living your life purpose, you will inevitably encounter your Life Lesson.

Your Life Lesson represents the challenge(s) you must overcome in order to live your purpose. It is designed to strengthen you, to help you develop the ‘muscles’ required to live your purpose with joy and confidence. At first glance, your lesson may seem like your enemy, but in fact, it can become your greatest ally. Integrating your Purpose, Lesson and School is key in creating the meaningful life your spirit seeks.

Soul Psychology Session: $125.00


Soul and Personality Psychology Package:

In two one-hour sessions, this option provides a thorough investigation of both your Soul Psychology, which is based on your fingerprints and is not subject to change, and your Personality Psychology— your particular vehicle for implementing your Soul Psychology—which lies in the geography of the hands themselves.

The lines in the hands are ‘maps’ of the brain’s neural pathways. Since the shapes and lines in your fingers and hands aren’t ‘hard-wired’ the way your fingerprints are, they can change—and they do! While you are born with basic emotional, intellectual and spiritual tendencies, those innate traits are modified by free-will life choices. Understanding your Personality Psychology allows you to make choices that both align with your style and reflect your core values.

Finally, your hands may contain one or more gift markers, which are signals of specific abilities and associated penalties. If you have these markers, we will talk about them as well, and discuss how they relate to both your Soul Psychology and your Personality Psychology.

We will explore your Soul Psychology and your Personality Psychology in depth. You will learn how your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School interact with your emotional and intellectual style. You will come away with a thorough understanding of the rewards and challenges inherent in your own Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School.

The insights you gain will help you navigate your life as it exists now, and as you would like to create it in the future. It is transformational.

Personality and Soul Psychology Package: $200.00


The Full Creative Clarity Coaching Experience:

This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’—where the coaching process is integrated with your Soul and Personality Psychologies to effect real, lasting changes in your life. Once you are aware of and comfortable with who you are and why you are here, we will explore how, exactly, you would like to live your unique Life Purpose, and plot a course that will get you there.

Full Creative Clarity Coaching Experience:  Mutually determined—please contact me for details.