Are you ready to…

Have you been asking yourself…

•    Why am I here?
•    Who am I, anyway?
•    How do I decide which path to take?
•    How do I take action?
•    What is my best way to contribute and make the most of life?
•    What am I avoiding, and why?
•    What tools can best help me connect to who I am meant to be?

If these are your questions, you have come to the right place!

I'm Donna Mills, and I invite you to experience a gentle, supportive process for finding your answers — my Shallow Beach Adventure, with several paths to explore:

Watercolor Hands Blue StarburstHand Analysis
The illuminating world of science-based hand analysis involves decoding your unique hand and fingerprint patterns, and serves as a straightforward, objective way to learn about who you are and why you are here. You can learn about Hand Analysis here.

Creative Clarity Coaching
Innovative coaching services allow you to access both your right-brained and left-brained wisdom, so you can align your creative self with your decision-making abilities and move your purpose into practice. You can learn more about these services here.

Just as we all have unique fingerprints and hand prints, we also have a unique footprint…the way we leave our mark on the world. ‘Inspiring Impressions’ interviews share the stories of buoyant, engaged people and their footprints…where they have been and where they are headed. Listen to the latest interview here, or suggest yourself or someone else as an interview subject here.

Discover helpful or inspiring resources — answers to questions about hand analysis, a great recipe, some inspirational ideas, a link to some free online images, a pithy quote, or a colleague with a special gift, passion or skill — by exploring my blog, ‘Treasures Washed Up on the Shore,’ here.

Photo Cloned Added CanvasSo…let’s meet on my Shallow Beach! White sand, warm water, gentle waves, colorful fish, and an overall sense of peace and well-being. (If you’re curious, here’s the genesis of this adventure.) You can approach your vast internal ocean gently and peacefully, and see the wonders below the surface, while keeping both feet planted safely on the sandy ocean floor. This lovely adventure lets you explore your depths without braving the tsunamis.

Choose the path that suits you best, and let's take that dive together!


“The final journey of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”

                                                                                                            ~ Anne Frank