What is hand analysis?

What is hand analysis?

Hand analysis is the most straightforward, objective way there is to learn about who you are and why you are here. Decoding your unique hand and fingerprint patterns provides specific insights into who you are, why you are here, and how you can take your next purposeful life steps.

This science-based system, LifePrints, was developed by Richard Unger in the 1960’s. He has refined it over decades of analyzing hands—over a hundred thousand of them.

How does it work?Donna Handprint Color

Four months before your birth, your fingerprints have already been formed. They are totally unique, and they don’t change. Your fingerprints tell the story of the person you were created to be (your Life Purpose), the specific challenges you can expect to encounter whenever you begin to pursue that purpose (your Life Lesson), and the filter through which you view the world (your Life School).

These three attributes (Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School) comprise your Soul Psychology. Because your Soul Psychology is based on your fingerprints, it doesn’t change. To know, understand, and align with your Soul Psychology is to create your most fulfilled, complete life.

In addition to your fingerprints, the shape of your hands and fingers and the lines in your hands reveal aspects of your personality. This is referred to as your Personality Psychology. Your Personality Psychology is subject to change, based on your free-will choices. You are born with a particular emotional and intellectual style, and you can choose to work with those tendencies or ‘fight’ with them.

Human beings are complex. There is no silver bullet that immediately handles all challenges. But wouldn’t understanding—objectively—who you are at your core be the way to start? As Frank R. Wilson, MD, former clinical professor of neurology at Stanford University School of Medicine, states in the foreword to LifePrints,

“…Learning to read that code can yield entirely unexpected self-understanding and a clear vision of what any particular person, irrespective of life history, can do to move toward a life of real and progressive fulfillment.”

As a Certified Hand Analyst, I facilitate that understanding. Then you can use these insights as navigation tools for your own life direction. Successfully integrating your Soul Psychology with your Personality Psychology brings a deep sense of joyful engagement—your purposeful, meaningful life!