Submitting Your Prints

Submitting Your Prints

There are two ways to submit your prints; both are simple and straightforward. How you submit your prints depends on which hand analysis service you choose, as described below. You can click on this link for an explanation of each service.


Soul Psychology Introduction:

If you are interested in this option, which requires only fingerprints, I will send you a link to a video showing you how to take your fingerprints using Scotch tape and a graphite pencil. You then forward your prints to me, either by scanning and emailing them, or by sending them via snail mail, whichever is more convenient for you.


Return Prints Graphite



Soul Psychology Session or Soul and Personality Psychology Package:

Both of these options require prints of your full hands. If you invest in either of these services, I will send you a print kit via snail mail. This kit consists of ink sheets, a form to record your fingerprints, printed instructions, and a link to a video that gives you a ‘visual’ of the printed instructions. You take your prints using the ink sheets. Then, either scan and email them to me, or return them via snail mail, whichever is more convenient for you.


Return Prints Ink Sheets


And then…

As soon as I receive your prints, we will schedule your session(s).

Most hand analysis sessions are conducted by telephone. However, if you are in Southern California, and would like to meet in person, please let me know, and we will arrange a time and place.

I'm looking forward to seeing your unique impressions, and sharing what they have to say!