Client Feedback:

Some Client Feedback

Donna is obviously both passionate and proficient in the science of hand analysis, but what really stood out to me was her ability to listen and ask me questions. As someone new to hand analysis, I appreciated the way that Donna shared the information with me in the context of a dialogue. She was genuinely curious about how I was responding to what she was saying, and was able to provide further clarity and insight after hearing my own responses. Because of this, the information provided felt more nuanced and personalized to me.

Marney K. Makridakis, Best-Selling Author and Founder of


I was at a transition in my life when I discovered Donna’s Prints on Purpose. At a crossroads in my artistic life, competing projects yammered for my attention.  I came to Donna seeking clarity in the areas of spirituality, creativity, relationship and self nurturance.

During our sessions, I had the sense that Donna knew me as well as my hairdresser or a trusted girlfriend who has heard over coffee  all my stories and dreams, as well as struggles and disappointments. I felt known, heard and affirmed. All this information in the lines of my hands and fingertips? That and even more: I received a nudge to kick life up a notch, with healthy cautions appropriate to my life purpose, of course. Plus I was guided to my next steps in making a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

~Paula Graham, Author and Artist,


The sessions I experienced with Donna were amazing! They came at a time when I really needed some direction in my life. I had no idea that her sessions would give me the level of clarity I received. Countless affirmations helped me to acknowledge my precise soul purpose, and I received insights that helped me understand the purpose behind my recent life experiences. I recognized them as life lessons, shaping me toward my soul path. I was so grateful to realize that I’d been following the right path—I had recently felt distracted by other possible avenues, and my hand analysis helped bring clarity of focus to me. Thank you, Donna!

I really see fingerprint analysis as a valuable service. It’s a more scientific approach than any other soul-related work I’ve experienced. I like that, because what Donna expresses isn’t her opinion or her psychic message to you. It is a scientific analysis of your unique fingerprint and handprint patterns. It’s fascinating, and after my personal experience with it, I’m a real fan of Donna’s work in this venue.

~Wendy Fedan, Artist,


After working with Donna, my professional life, which felt stagnant for years, has taken a new direction—with a flourish. The information she shared with me has been a catalyst for integrating a passion I have had forever (nutrition) into what I previously practiced (acupressure). I am now effortlessly and enthusiastically doing what I truly love. In fact, I have created a class that I am teaching for the first time next month, Supporting the Endorcine System Through Self-Care Acupressure and Nutrition. Thank you, Donna, for lighting a fire within that was ready to be ignited!

~Susan Brooks, Healthcore Wellcare


My hand analysis session with Donna was so illuminating! She not only confirmed some things I already knew about myself, but gave me the reasons for certain choices I’ve made. I was amazed that the reading was so accurate; it was as though Donna had been watching me for much of my life. I highly recommend hand analysis for anyone seeking clarity about their lives–it is such a valuable tool. Thank you!

~Sheryl Allen,

My first impression of Donna’s analysis of my hands was how accurate it was, and how it really reflected my heart. I think the most helpful part was the validation of my emotional reality. I was so reassured to have someone else see my struggles, as well as parts of me that I want to see more of.

Since our session, I have been more aware of my true emotions, and am trying to express myself honestly in my intimate relationships. And as a long-term benefit, I find myself often reflecting on my natural-born strengths that Donna so kindly brought to light. It’s increased my confidence in my personal gifting, and I’ll carry that with me for years to come.

~SM, Santa Barbara, California


As a teacher of Cybernetic Transposition, guiding people to reconnect with their inner authority and manifest what is right for them, I have studied and learned about my inner nature for many years. I was delighted when my hand analysis session confirmed several of my insights. I had already intuited some of what Donna shared about myself, but to have it approved and have her tell me in ‘black and white,’ so to speak, was settling.

Donna has such an unassuming, gentle way about her. You instantly feel comfortable and open to the insights your hands reveal. I highly recommend Donna’s services; you will accept yourself more and embrace those parts that aren’t so lovable. Thank you, Donna, for such an enlightening experience.

~Aryana K. Rollins, Intuitive Life Strategist


Hand analysis is a wonderful tool! It gives you insight and acknowledgement of your inner journey. Donna’s overview of my life purpose, her suggestions for development, and her descriptions of my areas of challenge were shared in a sensitive and caring atmosphere. She provided clarity and support, especially in areas that are hard to confront. I would recommend hand analysis for anyone who seeks clarity—both for personal growth and for future professional possibilities.

~NZ, Acton, Ontario