Does hand analysis have a useful application for groups, such as organizations, workplace teams or families?

Yes! The February 2014 issue of Forbes magazine contains an article about the benefits of hand analysis when making choices about potential business partnerships. You can read the Forbes article here.

The principles discussed in this article apply to personal partnerships as well. When you navigate your relationships, there are tremendous benefits to understanding both your own and your prospective partner’s Soul and Personality psychologies. You are able to make decisions based on conscious awareness and avoid potential pitfalls. When it comes to committing to a partnership, ignorance isn’t bliss!


You said that hand analysis is objective. Does that mean that the traits hand analysis reveals can’t be changed? 

Some things that hand analysis reveals can be changed; others can’t.

We are born with a set of fingerprints that reveals our Life Purpose (who we were born to be), our Life Lesson (the challenges we can anticipate as we pursue our Life Purpose), and our Life School (the filter or framework through which we experience the world). Those three things are unchanging, because our fingerprints are unchanging.

As an example of this ‘unchangeability,’ I was born with brown eyes, and that’s the eye color I’m ‘stuck’ with. I could spend my life wishing I had green eyes. But doesn’t it make more sense to enhance and appreciate the brown eyes I’ve been given, rather than pine for the green ones I wasn’t?

By the same token, I can either pine for another life purpose, or I can work to develop the one I’ve been given (which, by definition, is the purpose that I will find most fulfilling). I don’t have to do my purpose. I can choose to do anything I want to do. But doesn’t it make more sense to live the purpose that I know is going to be fulfilling to me, rather than grab on to something that isn’t?

We are also born with a particular emotional style. Every parent knows that a new baby is no blank slate. I have three children myself, and every one of those children was born with an individual personality. And it is important to honor the integrity of that individual. We parents don’t treat all of our children identically; some methods of teaching and guidance work well for some children, and other methods work better for others.


Are there things ‘built into’ us that can be changed? And do our handprints ever change?

Because we most definitely have free will, we can (and do) make choices all our lives. Unlike our ‘permanent’ fingerprints, the lines in our hands, hand shape, fingers, thumb, etc., are both indicators of what we were ‘born with’ and reflections of what we have chosen along the way.

Imagine for a moment standing on a hill and looking down at a field of tall grass. A person walks through the grass. Shortly after the person passes, the grass springs back up, and you can no longer see the path the person took. However, if that person’s path is followed by 5,000 more pairs of feet, a trail will be carved in the grass. This is what happens with our hands as well. The recurring decisions we make eventually become etched in our hands. So our hands are both indicators and reflections of our personality psychology.


Does hand analysis predict the future?

NO. This, in fact, is a frequent misconception about science-based hand analysis. No hand analyst will ever tell you how many children you are going to have or how long you are going to live! Rather, your particular combination of personal habits and choices, life circumstances, and ‘acts of God’ are what predict your future. Hand analysis is predictive only to the extent that what we have always done, we tend to continue to do, unless we make a choice and take the actions necessary to change a habit.