About My Shallow Beach…

About My Shallow Beach...

On my home page, I refer to PrintsonPurpose.com as my Shallow Beach adventure. Here's why:

While I’ve gathered volumes of information and inspiration in years of training and coaching, and love working with clients and making connections, a part of me has always been a bit hesitant to start a ‘Small Business.’ To be frank, it sounded overwhelming (and like not much fun).

Crashing WavesLiving in Southern California beach country, I’ve often been knocked off my feet by some rather violent Pacific Ocean waves. Tumbling in the surf, inhaling seawater, and frighteningly uncertain about which direction was ‘up’—that was how ‘Small Business’ felt to me.

Tropical Beach Image ResizedThen I thought of Hawaiian beaches. The warm, shallow water, the gentle waves, and the wonders of the underwater kingdom—all available without fear of drowning. This has become the joyful image of my work and the kinds of things I love to do…a beautiful, relaxing place to rest, refresh and discover.

PrintsOnPurpose.com is my Shallow Beach adventure. It is a blessing to share it with anyone who would like to explore more deeply in an atmosphere of security and trust.


My Training:

I received my certification from the International Institute of Hand Analysis, the only source directly affiliated with Richard Unger (who developed the LifePrints hand analysis system). In order to become a Certified Hand Analyst, I studied for 15 months with Master Teacher Ronelle Coburn, read more than 100 pairs of hands, and passed a rigorous written examination.

I’m also certified as a FranklinCovey© Coach. This year-long coaching program was developed in conjunction with Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This book is a classic in the world of business coaching and personal success strategies.

On the right-brain front, I’m also a Certified ARTbundance© Coach. The ARTbundance© program was developed by Marney Makridakis, author of Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life. This style of coaching is particularly effective in working with creatives, who tend to be intuitive, visual, and holistic, rather than logical, linear thinkers.


Personal Impressions in My Own Sands of Life:

I spent 30 years in Corporate America, received my BA in fashion design at age 49, love to paint, write, and sew, have three children, five grandchildren, and a newly-adopted shih tzu. I live in an empty nest in Southern California with the best husband on earth.

Twain Quote Sailboat 2


I also adore inspiring quotations. This is one of my favorites!


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